As a Financial Representative, Kelly Skaggs helps to protect people's money by keeping them in tune with their long term and short term goals, not just financially, but personally and professionally as well. There are many aspects that individuals do not take into account when it comes to financial planning and that is where Kelly Skaggs comes in.  Based off the needs and wants of Kelly Skaggs clients, Kelly prepares for them multiple options and benchmarks that will help to propel them towards financial freedom down the road.

Reputation is everything, especially in the financial planning world, and Kelly Skaggs stands by his.  You can find a financial planner anywhere, but do you look forward to your annual reviews with them? Kelly Skaggs' clients do! Kelly's team member, Lindsay, and he have built a practice that tailors to the wants and needs of our clients, we will go that extra mile to show our clients how much their business means to us.

Kelly Skaggs had a life changing event two years ago in the form of a pretty massive stroke.  Kelly has since recovered and the event has turned out to be one of the greatest things that have happened in his family's lifetime. You never know what life can throw at you; Kelly Skaggs prepares his clients for life's curve balls.

Kelly Skaggs' beautiful wife, Abbee, has stuck by his side through all the ups and downs in their personal life, as well as in her professional life at the Montessori school she teaches at. Abbee has been at Great Beginnings the past two years and lives to help educate the children she teaches. Along with Abbee, their puppy Kona is Kelly's life.  Without Abbee and Kona, there is nothing, and this is why Kelly Skaggs and his team will put in 110 % to ensure they are taken care of if something was to happen to Kelly.



Kelly Garrett Skaggs
Financial Advisor

Kaiser Skaggs Wealth Management Group


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